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Introducing Novel Lamp Theory  Launching Fall of 2023

We need real feedback from real potential customers!

What We Do

We have envisioned a unique style of Smart Floor Lamps with modern-day features and aesthetics and with the help of Augmented Reality feature of the website you can build your own lamp and place virtually in your house. Here is the sneak peak and the key highlights of our flagship and hand-crafted floor lamps fabricated by 3D Printing Technology.

Misty Pearl

Rustic Charm

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Features Offered


Augmented Reality

Our product website will be powered by AR, which lets you choose a style, pick a category and build a desired size of a lamp. Then, you can place the life-size model at your desired location of your house, cutting your guesswork from buying lamps.


360°  Illumination

Our signature lamps provide 360° ambient illumination that fills up an entire living space evenly. You won't need another light source in the same space, thus saving precious energy and reducing carbon-footprint. Also, you'd enjoy diffused and easy on eyes illumination. 


Smart Lighting

You can operate your lamp with Alexa/Google Home in addition with the remote provided with the product. Also, you can download our app to enjoy  intuitive lighting modes. 


Light Adjustment options

You can switch between CoolWhite or WarmWhite within the range of 2600K-6300K light intensity with a remote provided with your lamp.  


Why 3D Printing?

We have unlocked a design process with 3D-Printing that has enabled in creating unique features in our lamp enclosures. Replicating similar designs using traditional fabrication methods would become highly cost-intensive.


Sustainable Fabrication

3D-printing also lowers the energy demands of manufacturing by shortening the process and making production more direct. These efficient manufacturing processes also reduce CO2 emissions.


Lifelong Service & Support

The lamps  are tested to last more than 20,000 lighting hours but you'll always have the option to replace the internal light if necessary. Spares would always be available for purchase with no additional service contracts. 


Floating Illusion

The lamps rest on clear acrylic rods that not only provide them with a strong & stable structure but also gives a floating illusion.



3D Printing gives us the flexibility and  opportunity to listen to your needs and customise the product for you. It also helps us to get our creative juices flowing for constant design reinvention & ultimately happy customers.  

Some Stills...

We are launching this Fall of 2023. It'll be unlike anything else that's on the market. We need your support to ensure that we deliver to our fullest potential. As a member of our esteemed customer base, we really value your opinion - so we're offering you 30% off the product in exchange for your brutally honest feedback!

Fill out the small survey below to get your discount! 

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